TB Champion will now make people aware

Tb People who won life by beating TB Will make the general public aware against

Tb Becoming champion will now make people aware

Kanpur, 06 February 2020

Sometimes those who were suffering from TB and had become frustrated with life, but defeated TB by taking regular medicines. Such people will now become aware of TB people by becoming TB champions to get rid of it. TB champion will be selected soon in the district. These efforts are being made to make India TB free by the year 2025.

Tb Champion will share his experience
Joint Director, Tuberculosis Dr. Santosh Gupta has issued a letter in this regard to all the District Tuberculosis Officers of the state.
The Joint Director has said that it will prove very useful in making the public aware about tuberculosis in the society, because it is TB. The champions will automatically pass on their past experiences and experiences to others. Discrimination against tuberculosis patients will also be reduced by the champion who has defeated this disease in the right manner. He informed that at present in 12 districts, TB champion by TB champion. Participated in the forum, as a treatment transporter and activist in active search campaign. He said that three to five TBs in each district. Champion to be selected. TB in selection Priority should be given to free blocks. No honorarium will be paid to the champion.

Five people will be selected in the district

District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. GK Mishra said that under the National Tuberculosis Eradication Program, T.B. The champion is to be selected. Which will become a source of inspiration for common people. Due to the awareness among people, T.B. There will also be a decrease in patients. Five TBs in the district The champions will be made. A letter has been issued from the department to select the champion. Presently the district has 15,543 TBs. Are patients.

How does TB spread? Disease

Dr. Mishra told that T.B. (Tuberculosis) is a deadly infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tb Usually attacks the lungs, but it can affect other parts of the body besides the lungs. The disease spreads through the air. When a person with tuberculosis coughs, sneezes or speaks, he or she develops infectious droplets nuclei that can infect another person through the air. These droplets nuclei remain active in the environment for several hours. When a healthy person comes in contact with these Mycobacterium tuberculosis droplets nuclei dissolved in air, they can become infected. Active TB The patient should talk with a mask or cloth on his mouth and cough and sneeze with his hands on his mouth.

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