For the first time, scientists have received a radio signal from an extraterrestrial planet

New York, December 12, 2020, Friday

An international team of scientists has detected a radio signal coming from a planet outside the solar system. This radio signal is coming from an unknown place 21 light years away. The radio signal in the Netherlands was used to detect radio signals with the help of low frequency arrays. A radio signal is thought to be coming from a distant star line. Nearby is a hot gas planet orbiting. Outside the solar system, signals are being received from the Tau Boots planetary system due to a special magnetic force. Tau boots consist of two stars and one planet.

This is the first time such a radio signal has been found, said Jack D. Turner, a PhD researcher at Cornell University. These radio signals will pave the way for research on extraterrestrial planets, especially to help astronomers find extraterrestrial planets based on their magnetic field. The magnetic field is very important for life on earth. The Earth’s magnetic field protects against solar storms, but an Earth-like magnetic field on a planet outside the Solar System could potentially contribute to life.

Because it protects the atmosphere from solar storms and the harmful rays of the universe and also protects the planet’s atmosphere. Radio signals from Jupiter were also researched two years ago. Now, seeing that radio signals are also being received from planets outside the Sawai Mandal, it is believed that it may also be similar to Jupiter. Samples of radio signals on this planet will also help in getting information about the planets in the universe which are 50 to 100 light years away from the Earth. Information on this has been published as a research paper in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. (Pictures are symbolic)

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